Creative Studio

KOJA Creative Studio is a place for creative research and exploration, commissioned based work and projects, and the infused expertise of a unique group -- KOJA is better than an agency because we're a futurist minded art collective and studio.


What makes KOJA unique is that we take on the challenges of design, tech and experimentation through bringing to life ideas and concepts that don't often find a place or area to be expressed. 

KOJA is Yoruba for beyond and it exemplifies our notion that some things are easier to experience than define.

KOJA was created to make space for those that understand, trust and believe in creating with intention and an eye for things outside of the normative discourse of our daily lives. KOJA understands people and the complexities of our world beyond binaries, definitive markers, and systemic barriers. Our concepts are not for the close-minded and are made in consideration of the open-hearted.