DIY: 4 Tips to Help You Make the Most Out of Your Search Marketing Strategy: Why Paid Search Matters

Today, businesses are still seeing great a return on their investments from focusing on organic search, but a strong organic and paid search campaign can bring even greater returns. When these two tools work in tandem, your business can create a solid digital marketing strategy that works well for your line of business and effectively turn clicks into conversions. Where many business marketers miss the mark is in understanding how to leverage relevant traffic through a paid and organic search model. SEO/organic search works well when consumers are searching for specific terms, but what about when a consumer is searching a term in a more competitive industry? Paid search can help boost your businesses positioning from page four (based on SEO algorithms) to the top of the first page.

Here are a few paid search tactics we use to help boost your companies search performance.

Market Specific to Your Line of Business

Creating a search campaign specific to your company’s line of business is core to a successful paid search campaign. Developing a campaign that is competitive in your line of business is important because it helps in determining the top keywords for your campaign. Tools like the Google Keyword Planner and SpyFu are great to utilize to help businesses understand the top search terms in their industry. Your business’ line of business is specific to the services you provide. Examples of this would include plumbers, bail bonds, real estate agents, attorneys, and chiropractors & chiropractic services.

Determine Your Geo-target

Location-based search campaigns are boosting performances for businesses working in a competitive market. Advertisers can get the most out of their campaigns, increase relevant traffic and boost conversions through setting up location-specific campaigns. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone. These mobile users are getting the most out of their device by using them on the go several times a day. This is why more advertisers are turning to location-based mobile search methods to boost their advertising. Due to location-based services on mobile and other web-based devices, businesses and advertisers can now market to consumers from where they are. A consumer searching for towing services in your area is more likely to click on the business closest to them, and leveraging geo-targeting tools in Google, Bing and other search platforms can help you leverage this in your search campaign.

Create Compelling Ad Copy

Advertisers don’t have a lot of space to get their point across when writing ad copy for search (generally up to 70 characters), so it is critical to make sure messaging is to the point and compelling. When a consumer or web browser is searching for a term or services, they are often bombarded with a number of ads and results. So how can you make you businesses ad stand out? One key way to stand out from the rest is through advertising special offers and promotions. Messages like, “Call for a FREE consultation” or “First Visit Free” entice consumer’s looking for a reason to choose one business over another. This tactic can be used with seasonal promotions as well. Messaging should always include a strong call to action, but in addition to the call to action, keywords that include geo terms like “local”. Trust and accountability triggering terms like “family-owned” stand out to consumers as well. Your ad copy is core to your campaign. The more your copy connects with a consumer’s emotional interest, the higher your chance of increasing your click thru rate.

Customize a Landing Page

Yes, you want browsers to click on your ad in search and to have a high click thru rate, but none of this matters if you have a low quality score and conversion rate. In fact, if browsers are clicking on your ad and quickly leaving your website without making an action you are actually wasting money. The best way to help ensure browsers find your campaign relevant is to design a landing page specific to your ad campaigns. This is actually simpler than it may seem. A good landing page’s content connects with your ad and has a clear path to conversion – ie: “Start your free 30-day trial today” or “Sign up for our newsletter”. A great example of a clean and effective landing page design can be found with the mobile app platform Shopify. Their message is to the point and their call to action is clear. In order to ensure a higher click to lead conversion rate, businesses should use this and similar models for their landing page template.

Interested in taking your search marketing efforts even further? KOJA Creative Collective specializes in helping businesses and organizations increase their bottom line through effective digital marketing campaigns. Email us to learn more about how we can help take your marketing efforts to the next level

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