#Frahieko: Artists Sean Fahie & FRKO Collab for Phoenix Festival

October 24, 2015



This Saturday, Deer Bear Wolf presents its second edition of Phoenix Festival. The event presents a full schedule of art, music and literature, brought together to raise awareness for The Warehouse, a new artist studio experience in Peoplestown, GA.



The festival will include a mural done by Atlanta artists, FRKO and Sean Fahie. Both well-known for their work as designers and illustrators, the two teamed up to create a Brothers Grimm inspired, playfully, haunting visual fairytale. Capturing the imaginary of their imagination and the spirits of individuals from their past (including a cameo from Roberto the Rat), the mural illustrates the graphical styles of both artists – scene often in their print and digital artwork.


Although the artist have been featured in major mural projects around the city, such as Forward Warrior, they both do not consider themselves muralists. "I wouldn't call myself a muralist because I don't do this 24/7," said FRKO. "I consider myself a designer with the ability to do this," Sean explained.




Phoenix Festival won’t be Sean and FRKO’s last

visual rendezvous as both artists aspire to transform

Atlanta’s landscape into a museum– this vision being the

catalyst for Sean's recent project "Kings never Die".


“In life, all the greatest people who did what they needed to

do will always be remembered, so Kings Never Die

signifiedthe importance of continuing to accomplish what

you feel in your heart.“ - Sean Fahie


Check out FRKO and Sean Fahie's finished mural at

Phoenix Festival Saturday, October 24th from

12:00 to 10:00PM, The festival is free and open to the public.

RSVP is encouraged, and more information on the festival

and artist line up can be found at phoenixfestatl.com.

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