Atlanta Renaissance: Artists Inspire a New Creative Revival

Today, City of Ink Castleberry Hill celebrates its 9th anniversary. The tattoo shop & art gallery, founded by Miya Bailey, pioneered a new legacy in Atlanta by serving as one of the most reputable black-owned tattoo shops in the nation, and as a hub for the city’s established music and art scenes. The shop supports Atlanta’s local artists from the most notable to the emerging talents that call Atlanta their home for inspiration. The gallery’s support of this talent has contributed to the altered view of Atlanta as a city of arts influence and creative entrepreneurship.

In celebration of Atlanta’s creative movement, the gallery is hosting Atlanta Renaissance. The event takes place at City of Ink in Castleberry Hill tonight from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., is featuring over 80 artists of various mediums and is free and open to the public. Signifying the revival and new growth of artistic expression—which started as an underground culture seen often in street art and music culture—Atlanta’s significance in art has quickly began to see its influence on the mainstream.

The artists featured in City of Ink’s Atlanta Renaissance represent the architects of this new impact on culture. The show includes work from artists such as FRKO, Charly Palmer Jenkins, Corey Davis, Fabian Williams, fakeSavian, Paper Frank, kingcarla, Chilly-O, and many more.

In honor of City of Ink, the Atlanta Renaissance exhibit, and the momentum from Atlanta’s emerging creative movement, we reached out to several artists involved to get their thoughts on how Atlanta inspires and motivates their work. Check out some of the responses we received below:

"I found myself in Atlanta. It’s a grueling competitive field, full of artist ego and emotions."

- fakeSavian

Photo Provided by: fakeSavian

Atlanta is my home because I am born and raised here. I tried to leave a couple times but this place is a magnet that pulls on my left testicle. I'm inspired by the street culture and all the greenery and nature Atlanta ignores at the same time. Atlanta is home to a lot of shit I don't like which makes me stay inside and create but then it's the best place to be drunk af[sic] in the summer with plenty of my people. Black people are batteries and I am a flash light so ima[sic] stay lit (literally) for eternity in ATL.


Photo credit: @andersenbrandon

Atlanta is a magical place. Defined by Southern history with a knack for all things odd, I can't help but to be constantly inspired by a city I no longer reside in. The city helped me find my voice as an artist. I love all of its grimy, gritty and gluttonous characteristics because they're all veiled by this Southern hospitality that's as equally attractive. It's like an ex-boyfriend and girlfriend that was your favorite mistake. My work is informed by this notion because it rests on a fine line between beauty and fucked up. I think when we examine the city through a dark filter, my work and influence on artists will appear in the background of the underground like a magical reveal special only to those who find it and those that know me... – King Carla

Photo credit: IG @iamkingcarla

Atlanta is my home base for inspiration because from fine art, to culinary and theater, the cultural

scene offers a variety of creative outlets for every budget. There is always something going on to keep me motivated and pushing forward. – Tiffany Charesse Photo Credit:

…I'm an artist straight from Montego Bay, JA to Atlanta, GA—the Eastside...that’s important. Atlanta has inspired me since I stepped off Air Jamaica into Hartsfield & my uncle drove me through downtown eyes open wide at the sights of the architecture, the art, the music, and the way people spoke & dressed. It was my destiny to come to Atlanta, I got my 1st check here, wrote my 1st rhyme here, had my 1st threesome here and I own land here… ATL made CSHOT the multifaceted artist I am today. I'm constantly innovating...inspired by my city & the artists in it, motivated by my city to create every hour of every day. Atlanta is the reason I can/create art in so many mediums, Atlanta inspired me to create [my brands] Forever Fly & Privé Apparel. F.I.L.A.! – CSHOT

Photo Provided by: CSHOT

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