Extension | A Collaborative Exhibition

Friday, June 17th artists Vek Neal and Mary-Kerstin Hassiotis join for their collaborative art exhibition entitled "Extension". The exhibition combines two distinctly different, but inherently similar styles of conceptual and abstract expression from Vek's alluring, emotional photography to MK's abstract, geometric paintings.

The exhibition will include acrylic canvases by MK digitally manipulated and deconstructed by Vek onto his own expressive portraits -- combining two unique styles into a nontraditional visceral masterpiece -- illustrating the multidimensional connection that can be successfully created when joining various mediums and elements of style.

"There's something ethereal about my portraits," says Vek, who tapped MK as a collaborator due to how different her art was than his own, "and I thought working with her would be exciting because she has such a great way with color combinations and straight, geometric lines. I thought we'd balance each other really well, because our individual work is so unlike the others. And I've had to think differently about how I shoot, which has been really inspiring." (Quote from official press release)

The Extension opening reception — Friday, June 17 from 7 – 11 p.m. at Studio No. 7 — will include sounds by Xavier Blk and the werc crew, an open bar for the first hour followed by a cash bar of craft cocktails and other spirits throughout the evening.

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